The first slider in the world that combines portable size with long camera travel.

SliderPLUS v5

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What makes SliderPLUS magical?

With its award-winning unique design, you will travel with half the weight of a traditional slider and work in tight/crowded spaces much more efficiently.

Slide Range

The rails of SliderPLUS move with the camera, giving you twice the amount of range compared to regular sliders of its size.

Dolly Range

SliderPLUS gives longer dolly in/out range compared to regular sliders. Since the rails move together with the camera, they won’t get in the shot.

For any workflow

2 Models & 4 Sizes

Standard models are lighter and more affordable. PRO models have higher carrying capacity.

Leaving Your
Slider Behind? NO MORE!

Fast to Set up - Easy to Relocate

No tools or assembly required. It takes only a few seconds to set up for quick filming and location changes. SliderPLUS has a locking mechanism to make it immobile so you don't need to disassemble the system to relocate.

All Models Fit in edelkrone Backpack

This amazing portability makes it very easy to carry your SliderPLUS. You will use it more often!

Down to the Smallest Detail

Built-in Foldable Legs

You may adjust each leg independently to adapt to the terrain or fold them up for easy storage.

Magnetic Belt Clips

You can replace the belts whenever you need without wasting time thanks to the magnetic snap-on belt clips.

Pop-up Screw

The mounting screw on top can retract to protect your bag from scratches and tears.

Game Changer Add-ons

Hand-pushing Perfected

Steady Module

With Steady Module, even beginners can get perfectly smooth manual slides at the first try, even at very low speeds!

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No batteries. No chargers.

Completely mechanical solution. Uses fluid dynamics to dampen and smooth out the movement. Perfect for remote locations with no electricity.

Ultra-Precise & Repeatable Motion

Motor Module

• Slide Automation
• Motion Time-lapse
• Stop Motion
• Visual Effects

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You can still move your SliderPLUS with your hands to set positions while Motor Module is attached! No other solution on the market can do this.

Motor Module is controlled with edelkrone App or Controller and can be attached to all SliderPLUS models.

Vertical Motion NOW Possible

Vertical Module

Enhance your story telling with captivating inclined shots and an impressive 90-degree vertical angle. Your SliderPLUS will still give motion twice its length!

(Vertical Module needs Motor Module to work.)

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What makes Vertical Module so remarkable is its ability to compensate for gravity and keep the system weightless without the need for counter weights.

This is made possible by the constant force springs integrated into the module's design. With its lightweight construction, weighing less than 1 kg, it can effortlessly lift up to 5 kg!

Diversify Your Angles

Motor Module Connects Wirelessly to edelkrone Heads

Having a motorized head on SliderPLUS opens the door to amazing 2-, 3- or 4-axis camera motions which can be easily programmed and repeated. You can record never-before-seen, amazing motion time-lapses and visual effects shots with these combinations.

Learn More: HeadONE or HeadPLUS

The devices pair instantly in the background while using the same App or controller to control all devices together.

Super easy time-lapse programming

Setting up a motion time-lapse is the easiest with edelkrone App. In your time-lapse videos, you can have a simple transition between two keyposes or you can convert a recorded complex camera motion into a time-lapse with a single button.

Controlling Options

edelkrone App

The edelkrone App stands out as a comprehensive and intuitive control platform, designed to seamlessly and wirelessly control all edelkrone devices from both Apple and Android devices. Learn More.

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Box Contents

SliderPLUS, 2 x Geared belts with magnetic clips, 2 x fabric belts with magnetic clips, Cleaning Kit, Allen Keys, 2 x Spare module attachment screws.

SliderPLUS, 2 x Geared belts with magnetic clips, 2 x fabric belts with magnetic clips, Cleaning Kit, Allen Keys, 2 x Spare module attachment screws.