FocusONE v2

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FocusONE is a revolutionary take on traditional follow focuses, designed for camera operators who don't have a dedicated focus puller.

Its innovative marker disk, facing towards the operator, makes it easy to see and accurately pull focus.

The marker disk features a notch that can be rotated for easy alignment with the indicator, killing the need for having to use a market pen all the time.

What sets FocusONE apart from its competitors is its ultra-precision. Unlike other follow focuses that rely on backlash-free gearboxes, FocusONE achieves its precision through direct contact between the marker disk and the lens.

This design approach eliminates any gear play and guarantees consistently precise results.

Despite offering the same precision as high-end follow focuses, FocusONE stands out with its affordability.

It's a great investment for camera operators who want the best of both worlds: precision and affordability.

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