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- Ultra-quiet & backlash-free step motor operation in compact size,
- Controlled via edelkrone App,
- 360° panoramic photo mode,
- Runs on a single LP-E6 battery,
- Converts any programmed shot to timelapse,
- 6.8 kg load capacity,
- Can attach to any ball head or fluid head and mount on any tripod or stand,
- Can be used in VFX shots,
- Can be paired with a second HeadONE for simultaneous pan & tilt,
- Can be paired with other edelkrone devices for multi-axis control,
Durable CNC-machined aluminum body.

HEADONE + Product Turntable Kit

- Same as HeadONE,
+ Place products directly on turntable plate,
+ HeadONE rotates turntable plate at desired speed, great for 360 product videos or photos,
+ Place HeadONE upside-down on table before attaching turntable plates, to prevent rotation of body and only rotate plates,
+ Battery and trigger ports remain stationary, allowing for seamless 360 product photos without moving cables.

    HEADONE + Tilt Module

    - Same as HeadONE,
    + Dual HeadONE setup creates simultaneous pan & tilt head solution,
    + Tilt axis allows for interesting panoramic videos, 360° spherical photos and motion timelapses,
    + 3.1 kg load capacity,
    + Seamless and wireless pairing with second HeadONE to form multi-axis system.

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