PRO Fit Module for SliderPLUS

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The SliderPLUS PRO has a hand-turned wheel on its bottom, allowing for easy attachment to tripods or any equipment with a 3/8 screw (including the Vertical Module). The regular SliderPLUS, however, lacks this wheel. So, when you want to attach it to a tripod, you have to turn the entire unit. This method, though practical, causes adjustment issues when trying to use the SliderPLUS with the vertical module.

That's why we developed the PRO Fit Module for the SliderPLUS (not the PRO version). By attaching this module to the bottom of your SliderPLUS using an Allen wrench, you can equip it with the same tightening wheel found on the SliderPLUS PRO. This lets you connect your SliderPLUS to any tripod or Vertical Module in any orientation, just like the SliderPLUS PRO.

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