PocketRIG v3 + Handle Pack (Clearance)

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Modular Design: Customizable setup with a half cage, adjustable rail system, foldable design.

Compact and Portable: Folds to battery grip size.

Enhanced Stability: Includes 15mm rods and detachable supports.

Ergonomic Handling: Optional handle packs for better grip.

Applications: Ideal for dynamic, on-the-go shooting, like documentaries and vlogs. Easy to transport and set up.

Ergonomic Handles: Top/left-side handle, right handle, dual-handgrip unit.

Modular Design: Repositionable top handle.

Additional 15mm Rods: For accessories, stored in handles.

Cold Shoe Mount: For mounting accessories.


Enhanced Stability: Multiple gripping options.

Customization: Fits various cameras and setups.

Portability: Maintains compact nature of PocketRIG v3.

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