A new generation of the original all-in-one flexible head for panning, tilting, & more.
Re-engineered to cost less and love more!
Watch Video
Watch Video FlexTILT Head v3
Authentic features for next-level camera positioning
One-Hand Operation
Positioning the camera angle with one hand has never been simpler. FlexTILT Head v3 has no buttons, locks, or knobs and uses edelkrone’s one-of-a-kind Constant Friction Technology which prevents the joints from losing grip even after countless adjustments - unlike imitation knock-offs on the market.
Easy Height Adjustment
Instantly adjust the height of your camera without the burden of tripod legs. Simply pull, tilt, and get the exact angle you want, maximizing the efficiency of your production. Don't let your tripod limit you!
Let it stand as a stand-alone
Unlike other camera heads, it is effortless to find the center of gravity with FlexTILT Head v3, especially on flat surfaces where it doubles as a stand-alone camera stand. FlexTILT Head v3 is the best assistant a one-man crew could ask for!
The most sought-after camera head is now re-engineered to be more accessible.
Standout capabilities to stand you out
Extended Dolly Shots
Increase your dolly in/out range up to 6.7" (17 cm) while recording a video on any slider by fully extending FlexTILT Head v3.
Precise & smooth panning
Easily achieve precise panoramas with pan marking and lens center shifting.
Low angle, high angle or even instant vertical shots
From filming to photography, nail any angle shot in an instant with FlexTILT Head v3.
Two models to cover all of your needs.
Find out which FlexTILT Head is right for your camera setup.
FlexTILT Head v3
FlexTILT Head v3 Carrying capacity
5.5 lb (2.5 kg) or less
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4.7 Based on 45 Reviews
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Shirley R.
United States United States
Great engineering

I have not used the product other than playing with it on my tripod. We are going to Sedona to do some landscape photography. I will make a decision whether I like it or not at that time.

Cinda B.
United States United States
Game Changer

Great piece of equipment! So glad I found this. Keeps camera absolutely still for long exposures. I’ll be watching your website and saving my money for more of your wonderful equipment! Build quality is top notch.

Nobuhito T.
Japan Japan

唯一無二なので、比べようがないですよね...ただ、ニセモノ注意です! 類似品は、動きがシブいので、イライラしますよ!

Franco A.
Italy Italy
good choice

high quality, good movements, strong enough

Vasile C.
United States United States
Awesome product

Great quality and easy to use.

Jonathan T.
United States United States
Sooo cool

Amazing item!

Gregory B.
Australia Australia
Just what I wanted.

It is well made, easy to use and very flexible.It is just what I needed.

Jan P.
Germany Germany
A simple yet robust solution

Really love the build quality of the product. It helps me to use my slider in a very simple and elegant way. What took me minutes before with a ball head before is now a matter of seconds. Happy to have spent the money on this and not a cheap knock-off

A edelkrone Customer
Ksenija K.
Croatia Croatia
Great purchase

I am very happy with the tilt head and the customers service was splendid! Thank you!

roy v.
Netherlands Netherlands
Should have gotten it earlier

Had been looking at the Flextilt head for close to a year, never got myself to order it, despite great experience with other Edelkrone hardware. Bought the flextilt a while back for a project that involves lots of interviews and thought it might save some time adjusting tripods, and such. And so it does: rock-solid hardware, even with heavy cam/lens combination. Have been using it in every interview from day one that it arrived.

Manuata M.
United States United States
I already broke it on my second photo session with it

I must have tightened one of the hex screws too much due to my Canon 5D being quite heavy. The threads of one of the screw holes are now stripped at the very first point of connection (the part with the level bubble). Can you send me a replacement part? I'd be happy to pay for it. Other than that, I think it is well built and have lots more applications for it. Thanks. Manu

edelkrone FlexTILT Head v3 Review
Long N.
Australia Australia
Excellent and sturdy

Extremely sturdy and requires extreme force to open due to the tight joints which can be adjusted with the magnetic Allen key attached. Only concern is the circular base which can add a slight wobble if knocked. Overall, very sturdy and high quality.

Svetlin V.
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Great purchase!

I couldn't be happier with my order! Versatile and durable. Great product!!!

Dario D.
Italy Italy

It looks a good solution if you do not need to move often the position. Move the plate is very hard.

Rob W.
United States United States
Haven’t been able to use it yet!

The product is great, but the camera system I’d be using it with was sold due to emergency funds needs. When I can afford to replace the camera, it’ll be on the tripod for sure.

Gerardo S.
Germany Germany
Innovative Titling Camera Head

This product is very helpful and innovative! It is very useful for architectural and landscape photography. At first, a little tricky to work on but when you get the heck of it, then it is very easy to use and can do a lot of fascinating angles/tasks that a normal tripod can do. Quality wise is durable and portable. Delivery is on time.

Leida E.
Netherlands Netherlands
The Flex Tilt Head v3 is great.

The product is better than I expected. I got it in a nice box and the matterial is super strong. However the delivery was taken a long time.

A edelkrone Customer
Alessandro D.
Switzerland Switzerland
The flexibility you want

I'm a big fan of your products. Great built quality and usability with some new concepts and ideas !!

Laurious J.
United States United States
Well Made

The quality of the FlexTilt Head is amazing. I can tell this will last for many years to come. It fit on my tripod without a problem. It's very firm, but the firmness can be adjusted to your liking. I am using it for product photography on flat surfaces from an overhead view. It works perfectly. I would definitely recommend this product.

Josh T.
United States United States
Sturdy and has some weight

First impression is that it’s super sturdy! It is a brick!