Pick a challenge, film using your favorite edelkrone gear,
share your video & behind the scenes (BTS) content on social media with #edelkroneChallenge.
It's that easy to win up to $1,250 in store credit each week!
Are you up for the challenge?
Watch Video edelkrone Challenge
1. Create
Select a challenge and film a 15-60 second video using your edelkrone equipment. Make sure to get plenty of BTS photos/videos of your edelkrone gear in action!
2. Share
Post your video and BTS content separately on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok with @edelkrone #edelkroneChallenge in both captions.
3. Win
Score up to $1,250 of in store credit each week by entering as many challenges, as many times as you want.
Are you the talented filmmaker we’re looking for who brings their vision to life with edelkrone filmmaking solutions? Join a challenge now to share your work with the world! We encourage you to enter as many challenges as you wish, even after you win an award.
Use your creativity to change reality.
Stop Motion
Stop Motion
Make people stop & take notice of your work.
Manipulate time with breathtaking results.
Get up close & personal with the world.
Be free & be you in any style you want.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Stay tuned for more challenges & awards!
By joining the #edelkroneChallenge you’re in the running to win multiple awards, up to $1,250 in store credit, and exposure to our filmmaking community of nearly 1 million on social media. You’ll be eligible for three awards:
Best Video ($500 store credit), Best BTS ($250 store credit) & Best Videomaker ($500 store credit).

By entering #edelkroneChallenge, you'll have the chance to win thousands of dollars in store credit to fund your creativity, become an edelkrone awarded videomaker, gain recognition, increase your social media followers, meet your peers, and reach new fans. Winners join the ranks of other global artists whose outstanding work we recognize and celebrate.
  • Talented videomakers to celebrate with awards.
  • Original and creative works that inspire.
  • High-quality videos in every sense of the word.
  • Your vision brought to life using edelkrone.
  • Videos that tell a story in 15 to 60 seconds.
  • BTS photos/videos from set featuring your edelkrone in use.

#edelkroneChallenge is open to all videomakers with a passion for creativity. Using edelkrone in the process, of course! Read our challenge Terms & Conditions to see if you’re eligible to enter. You can also learn more about how and what to submit.

We are challenging videomakers to push boundaries and get the best results using edelkrone. The challenges are in the following categories: VFX, Stop Motion, Time-Lapse, Macro, and Freestyle. The last category can be anything you imagine, so be free & be you! Don't forget to bookmark this page and follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on new challenges and prizes.

All you need to do is share your challenge video on social media with @edelkrone #edelkroneChallenge in the caption. This will make you eligible for the Best Video Award ($500 Store Credit).

We also want to see your best BTS photos or videos from set showcasing how you use your edelkrone, which is required to join a challenge and makes you eligible for the Best BTS Award ($250 store credit). You can post this separate from your video submission, just make sure to follow the same caption guidelines and that the account you use is public so we can see your post. We’re accepting challenge entries on the following platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

By filling out this submission form, you can be eligible for the Best Videomaker Award ($500 Store Credit). Winners of this award will be featured on our website, so answer as many questions as you can to help us get to know you better.

Here’s a simple guide:

  • Pick an #edelkroneChallenge.
  • Film something new (or pick an existing work) between 15-60 seconds.
  • Be creative, be innovative, and be you!
  • Use edelkrone gear when filming.
  • Obtain the proper consent of anyone appearing on camera.
  • Make sure the music you used is licensed.
  • Don’t forget to capture plenty of BTS photos or videos!
  • Upload your challenge entry and BTS to your public social media account.
  • Caption your post(s) with @edelkrone #edelkroneChallenge.
  • Fill out the Best Videomaker submission form to win even more.
  • And you’re done!

Read our Terms & Conditions to learn more before joining a challenge.

After joining a challenge, you’re in the running for three awards: Best Video ($500 store credit), Best BTS ($250 store credit), and Best Videomaker ($500 store credit). Winners are announced every week depending on the volume of submissions. The best part is, you can win one or more award per challenge! Plus, there’s no limit to how many times you can enter, as long as your entries are different.

In addition to these awards and prizes, winners receive another huge perk. All winning works are shared on our social media accounts. So by winning, you’ll have the opportunity to reach nearly 1 million new fans, followers and fellow filmmakers.

If selected as a potential winner for the Best Video or Best BTS Award, we'll send you a direct message to request additional information about the edelkrone used such as the unique serial number found on the product or order number associated with the purchase. Best Videomaker Award contenders must provide the required information in the submission form. Only those submissions that provide proof of filming with edelkrone gear will be eligible to win an award.

While you’re free to decide what you submit, there are some things you can’t. Anything you can’t upload to social media, you can’t submit to the competition. These include: violence, illegal activities, nudity, discrimination, etc. Find out more in our Terms & Conditions.
Winners will be selected based on originality, quality, and the creative use of edelkrone products. We want to see your point of view as a videomaker, and how edelkrone helped you achieve your vision.
#edelkroneChallenge is an ongoing contest with winners announced every week. You can submit new content to the same challenge an unlimited number of times and/or compete in multiple challenges with different content to increase your chances of winning.
Award winners will be announced on our social media accounts. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok to see who won. If you're a contender for the Best Video or Best BTS awards, a direct message will be sent to confirm your eligibility. If you’re in the running for the Best Videomaker Award, an e-mail will be sent to the address provided in the submission form.
By joining the #edelkroneChallenge, you’re agreeing to a non-exclusive license. This means that edelkrone may use all submitted works, but you still have the right to share and use your own content outside of the challenge. These standard terms apply to all entries, even if you don’t win an award. Review our Terms & Conditions to learn more.