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The most portable, customizable, and modular DSLR rig in the world for stable shots at a surprisingly light weight with new add-on and companion solutions. Add the new Handle Pack for PocketRIG for a more ergonomic grip, and attach the new PhoneGRIP to optimize the setup.
* Add-on and companion products sold separately
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What's New with PocketRIG
Modular versatility to meet all your needs
Customizable half cage extension
Foldable, extendable & detachable rods
Detachable shoulder, chest & belt support
Even lighter than the previous generation
Unlock More New Features with Add-on and Companion Products
Handle Pack for PocketRIG* for more ergonomic options
Extra rods for accessories and more robust setups (included with Handle Pack)
PhoneGRIP* for mounting smartphones, powerbanks & more
* Add-on and companion products sold separately
PocketRIG PocketRIG
Stable Shots Anywhere
PocketRIG has a fully adjustable, foldable, and detachable support arm that can be used as a shoulder piece. A built-in belt groove is also included, allowing you to use PocketRIG as a monopod.
All details of PocketRIG's support components were designed for speed, stability, and comfort, whether you're on set or filming on the go.
Modular Design for Total Versatility
PocketRIG's modular design allows you to remove components to optimize your rig setup and minimize the load.
Add or remove the half cage, support arm, handles, or rods based on the specific requirements of your production. The detachable, modular design creates the perfect rig for any setup.
Unrivaled Cage Design for Endless Customizations
The game-changing, versatile half cage is one of the standout features of PocketRIG which allows you to mount more accessories compared to other cages on the market. Lights, microphones, monitors, and more can be attached anywhere on the cage.
Designed to be light and fast, detach the half cage to easily capture a shot or mount it on a tripod.
Foldable & Extendable Rods
PocketRIG comes with two foldable 15 mm rods that you can use to mount your FocusONE. These rods can extend to 6.4 in (16.5 cm) and may also be utilized to mount matte boxes.
Foldable & Extendable Rods
Companion Products to Unlock New Features
The PocketRIG family of products includes one new add-on and a new companion product to take things to the next level: Handle Pack for PocketRIG and PhoneGRIP.
PhoneGRIP Comes with a phone/SSD/edelkrone Controller holder with a flexible stand modeled after FlexTILT Head's revolutionary design. Self-standing and stand-alone use. Sold separately.
Discover the Details of Handle Pack for PocketRIG
Handle Pack is an essential addition to PocketRIG for videographers or filmmakers in search of a more professional setup.
Top Handle for Ergonomic & Functional Gripping
The unique half cage design of PocketRIG gives you the freedom to modify the exact location and direction of the top handle. Just position the top handle to accommodate the weight of the add-ons and find the perfect center of gravity.
The top handle can also be used on the side of the half cage as a left handle. You can even use it on the side of the cage as a top handle to capture vertical shots.
Dual Handles & Hidden Rods for Even More Possibilities
The dual handles that come with Handle Pack for PocketRIG feature no-slip grips that provide the comfort you need while carrying your rig anywhere you go.
Handle Pack comes with three additional 15 mm rods that you can mount your Monitor/EVF Holder and battery bracket on. When not in use, the rods are conveniently stored inside the handles. These extra rods are perfect for bigger setups.
Right Handle for Comfort & Convenience
Want to hold PocketRIG with both hands but need a more compact setup than the dual handles? Not a problem. Handle Pack covers all of the bases to give you the options you need to adapt to different scenarios.
Handle Pack comes with an extra right handle for videographers who want to use both hands to carry their camera.
Handle Pack was designed to accommodate most popular cameras. Please check the camera size chart to see if your camera will fit.
Custom Carrying Options
With three different handle options and a fully customizable half cage, there are many possibilities to carry your PocketRIG that we haven't even discovered yet.
Custom Carrying Options
PhoneGRIP: A Dedicated Product for Smartphones
The newest edelkrone Essential to improve your workflow. PhoneGRIP comes with a smartphone holder that can be mounted to the PocketRIG cage with a cold shoe port.
More than a smartphone holder, PhoneGRIP is perfect for mounting other smaller devices you need to have close by like an edelkrone Controller, SSD, or powerbank.
Modeled after FlexTILT Head's revolutionary design, PhoneGRIP's flexible stand makes PhoneGRIP the perfect self-standing and stand-alone solution to hold various size smartphones and more.