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Introducing: edelkrone Link Adapter

A powerful new way of controlling your edelkrone products using a computer and custom software integration.

edelkrone Link Adapter is edelkrone's newest innovation that gives you even more control over your production through custom software integration. It all started with the edelkrone App, which connects to edelkrone products over smartphones or tablets to control camera motions with ease and precision. We received countless requests from our customers over the years to release a Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate our products with their custom production scenarios. In order to achieve this, we needed a flexible bridge unit that could communicate with edelkrone motion control systems. And that's how the edelkrone Link Adapter was born.

edelkrone Link Adapter

edelkrone Link Adapter

edelkrone Link Adapter serves as the gateway between your edelkrone motion control system and your personal computer. By adding this small equipment to your setup, you can gain unprecedented control and customization of your edelkrone ecosystem. It connects to your edelkrone motion control system wirelessly, or using the cables provided (click here to learn more about device compatibility). Each edelkrone Link Adapter can connect to a single edelkrone motion control system, and multiple edelkrone Link Adapters can connect to a single computer.

Out of the box, edelkrone Link Adapter comes with three options: edelkrone SDK (available to download for free), the edelkrone Web App (available to download for free), and compatibility with Dragonframe software (purchased separately).

edelkrone SDK (Beta)

edelkrone SDK (Beta)

By adding edelkrone Link Adapter to your setup, you can take control of your edelkrone ecosystem with your own third-party software and add innovation to the equation with our brand new edelkrone SDK.

When you install the edelkrone SDK, you will receive the necessary SDK documentation, the source code of edelkrone Web App as well as Python-based example scripts for you to explore (more examples on other platforms coming soon).

The edelkrone SDK application runs in the background of your computer and translates API commands to the underlying hardware and vice versa. If your programming language or software environment can send and receive HTTP-based API commands, you can interface with your edelkrone motion control system through edelkrone SDK using the edelkrone Link Adapter hardware.

API commands give you full control to pair a single or multiple edelkrone motion control units into a bundle via wireless or wired interfaces. After creating a bundle, you can control the motion of the units and receive periodic readouts from them via API commands.

edelkrone SDK is currently in the beta stage and only supports high-level motion control commands that allow you to move the axes via joystick commands or keypose commands. With keypose commands, you can store multiple axis values in a single setpoint group called keyposes and recall them with a specific speed and acceleration. Motion planning and control are handled inside device firmware. You can check the progress and instant axis values via periodic readout API commands.

If you want even finer levels of motion control support, wait for our v1.0 release coming soon. With the upcoming motion command set called "real-time motion interface", you can send setpoints for each axis down to ~16ms periods with supported products when using the cabled interface. You can also playback any arbitrary motion curve in real life up to 60FPS. This motion control interface will be crucial for various artificial/virtual/mixed reality, VFX and robotics applications.

While creating the edelkrone SDK, we wanted to test its powers and functionality as well. So, we created the edelkrone Web App, which uses edelkrone SDK to communicate with edelkrone motion control systems. By doing so, we gave our customers a novel way of controlling their edelkrone motion control systems from a personal computer with ready-to-use software while further ensuring the quality of the edelkrone SDK.

edelkrone Web App

edelkrone Web App

The edelkrone Web App provides users with all the essential features and settings of the mobile edelkrone App to easily control the pan & tilt, slide, jib, dolly & focus movements, create keyposes, as well as adjust speed and acceleration. edelkrone Web App runs on modern web browsers and is currently available on Windows 10 with macOS & Linux support coming soon. Even though the edelkrone Web App runs on a browser, it doesn't require an active internet connection since it only communicates with the edelkrone SDK application that runs on your computer locally. This makes it possible for the edelkrone Web App to work offline - without an active internet connection - and you can film with edelkrone even in the most demanding production environments.



You can also combine the powers of edelkrone Link Adapter & Dragonframe to capture flawless stop motion animations using our award-winning motion control systems. Dragonframe is the leading animation software trusted by major motion picture studios and independent filmmakers alike. With its highly acclaimed features and intuitive graphical user interface, you can easily program advanced camera positioning, animate lighting, and even import and edit multiple audio tracks. When paired with edelkrone Link Adapter, you can use Dragonframe to hand-control your edelkrone setup, adjust focus using the turn knob on edelkrone Link Adapter, and create repeatable camera motions with ultimate precision.

edelkrone Link Hub

edelkrone Link Hub

edelkrone Link Hub offers even greater possibilities for a more streamlined production, especially in environments with unstable wireless connection due to signal interference. With edelkrone Link Hub, you can connect more than one compatible edelkrone motion control system to the edelkrone Link Adapter with the cables provided. The low latency, deterministic connection removes any unwanted environmental wireless interference for an overall improved experience.

edelkrone Link Adapter and edelkrone Link Hub are now available for purchase. For further information, visit this page.

Introducing: FlexTILT Head PRO

edelkrone’s best-selling camera head just got a lot stronger. The all-new FlexTILT Head PRO comes with the same reliable and versatile design you love, now with an unexpected carrying capacity for all of your heavy camera gear.

FlexTILT Head PRO is small enough to fit in your pocket and strong enough to carry up to 15 lb (6.8 kg) of equipment securely thanks to its innovative design that gives you the freedom to shoot without being weighed down by bulky equipment. It also works great with the entire PRO family including SliderPLUS v5 PRO Compact, SliderONE PRO v2, or Wing PRO to level up your production.

What’s new with FlexTILT Head PRO?

  • Increased carrying capacity of 15 lb (6.8 kg).
  • New lock system to securely position heavier camera setups.
  • Instant height adjustments up to 5.23 in (13.3 cm).
  • Magnetized 3 mm Allen keys so you’ll always have them on hand.
  • 3/8”-16 & 1/4 -20 mounting screws, 3/8” - 16 mounting port on bottom. 1/4” - 20 reducer bushing for mounting port.

What more can you expect from FlexTILT Head PRO?

  • The groundbreaking FlexTILT Head mechanism you know and love.
  • Effortless, flexible and precise camera positioning.
  • Uniquely compact design that can fit in your pocket.
  • Extended dolly in/out range up to 6.7” (17 cm) when filming with a slider.
  • Used with any tripod, or on its own on flat surfaces as a stand-alone filmmaking solution.

Buy your very own FlexTILT Head PRO now by clicking here!

#edelkroneChallenge - Join NOW & Win BIG!

#edelkroneChallenge - Create. Share. Win.

#edelkroneChallenge is live! We’ve launched a new contest to promote and celebrate talented videomakers who film with edelkrone. By joining a challenge, you can be eligible to win up to $1,250 in store credit each week and reach our community of nearly 1 million worldwide.

By entering an #edelkroneChallenge, you can win one or more of the following awards (and prizes!):


  • Best Video ($500 Store Credit)
  • Best BTS ($250 Store Credit)
  • Best Videomaker ($500 Store Credit)

Joining a challenge is as easy as 1. Create 2. Share 3. Win!

Click here to check out the #edelkroneChallenge page for more details on how you can join!

Are you up for the challenge?

HeadPLUS v2 & FocusPLUS PRO: Unboxing & Highlights by Adam Duff

HeadPLUS v2 is the new motorized pan & tilt head featuring groundbreaking add-ons: FocusPLUS PRO and Vision Module (coming soon).

Youtuber Adam Duff got his hands on HeadPLUS v2 and FocusPLUS PRO, and explains some of our most asked questions on his latest review video.

Check out his video to learn what's new with HeadPLUS v2 and FocusPLUS PRO and see why in Adam's own words,

"Every single time you get a new little piece of kit (from edelkrone), it exponentially improves your entire setup, whether you start with older equipment or newer equipment."

Coming Soon: Vision Module for HeadPLUS v2

Vision Module is an add-on for HeadPLUS which helps you achieve automatic face tracking while viewing live camera feed directly on edelkrone App.

It attaches on HeadPLUS v2 or HeadPLUS v2 PRO and fits in edelkrone motion control ecosystem perfectly!

Vision Module is ideal companion for one-person crews and provides groundbreaking live tracking on camera LCD.

Vision Module is coming soon, so we suggest you stay up-to-date when it becomes available!

Introducing: HeadPLUS v2 & HeadPLUS v2 PRO

HeadPLUS v2 is the new motorized Pan & Tilt Head with optional add-ons: FocusPLUS PRO and Vision Module with wireless & seamless compatibility with the entire edelkrone ecosystem.

What's new with HeadPLUS v2 and HeadPLUS v2 PRO?

  • Physical power button,
  • Programmable auto power-off,
  • Information screen with instant feedback,
  • Better wireless connection with longer range,
  • Improved user experience,
  • Physical pan & tilt lock,
  • Fine-leveling adjustment knob for L-bracket, battery extender grooves,
  • New magnets under the cold shoe connector to easily snap edelkrone Controller,
  • Link port for future extensibility,
  • Optional wired connectivity with other products in edelkrone ecosystem (coming soon),
  • Control over SDK (coming soon),
  • Soon-to-be-released Vision Module is solely compatible with HeadPLUS v2 PRO.

Features that are enabled with edelkrone App & setups including HeadPLUS v2 / HeadPLUS PRO v2:

  • Fast and simple programming,
  • Smart stationary object tracking,
  • Automatic Target Tracking & Live Target Switching (advanced control with new FocusPLUS PRO),
  • Time-lapse 2.0,
  • Sequencer Feature,
  • edelkrone App / Controller / Hand Control,
  • Precise repeatable motion for VFX shots,
  • Zero noise and backlash-free,
  • HeadPLUS v2 can carry up to 10 lb (4.5 kg) whereas HeadPLUS v2 PRO can carry up to 20 lb (9 kg). It now comes with must-have add-ons such as FocusPLUS PRO and Vision Module!

HeadPLUS v2 and HeadPLUS v2 PRO are now available to buy here.

Introducing: FocusPLUS PRO

FocusPLUS PRO is a motorized, ultra-precise follow focus controllable by edelkrone APP, edelkrone Controller, or even by hand.

It operates as a stand-alone solution or with all edelkrone motion control setups that include the new HeadPLUS v2 or the previous generation HeadPLUS (v1).

When used with HeadPLUS v2, FocusPLUS PRO keeps the target in the frame and in focus. FocusPLUS PRO operates with a single LP-E6 battery or with an AC/DC adapter.

There are so many advantages of the new follow focus, however, the biggest news is that FocusPLUS PRO can be also hand-controlled, which is the easiest way to control motion control products! Just set your camera's position by hand, focus on your object, and store that multi-axis keypose for later use!

Here are the outstanding features that come with new FocusPLUS PRO:

  • Wireless edelkrone ecosystem integration,
  • Fast & simple programming,
  • Stand-alone solution with long lasting LP-E6 battery,
  • Hand control,
  • Zero noise & backlash free,
  • 6 Keyposes with edelkrone App / 3 Keyposes with edelkrone Controller,
  • Ready for PRO lenses,
  • FocusPLUS PRO even includes a Link port for future extensibility.

FocusPLUS PRO is now available to buy here.

New Mode: Gesture Control for edelkrone Controller

Gesture control mode lets you move your edelkrone setup with your hand gestures without physical contact.

You can trigger the gesture mode by pressing and holding the center button at the suitable control page at the main screen after connecting with your setup.

Once you activate the Gesture Control Mode, the system will ask for a calibration.
This calibration is necessary for a drift-free and smooth mapping experience between your hand gestures and device movements.
So, after the calibration, edelkrone Controller will expect a hand gesture from you.

With Gesture Mode, you can only control one axis at a time. To further explain it:

Head Pan and Jib Pan controls are mapped to the Yaw axis.
Head Tilt and Jib Tilt controls are mapped to the Pitch axis.
Swing and Slide controls are mapped to the Roll axis.

Focus controls are not supported in gesture mode.

How much you move your hand on a particular axis will correlate with the speed of the motion which is also graphically visualized on the screen in real-time.

This feature is enabled by default on your device with the latest edelkrone Controller update, which is version 0.18. If you want, you can disable this feature from 'Advance Features' page in the Settings menu.

Learn more about edelkrone Controller.

Japan Store Has Officially Launched

edelkrone is thrilled to announce its Japan subsidiary, edelkrone Japan G.K., and its fulfillment & service center in Tokyo, Japan!

Effective April 8, 2021, our customers and end-users in Japan will be able to take advantage of placing their edelkrone orders online at edelkrone-jp.com in JPY at great prices, receive free shipping on all orders 11,000 JPY and over without the hassle of additional import fees, and continue to receive unmatched customer support with free repairs and replacements but this time from our location at Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan!

All of the camera gear you’ve come to trust with your creative vision is now shipping to Japan, from within Japan!




Not only will we deliver your orders faster, but also continue to provide an unmatched customer experience to our fellow filmmakers in Japan from within Japan!
And the best part? Never deal with importing edelkrone from overseas. No more customs or duty fees!***

edelkrone Cap

*Free shipping on all orders ¥11.000 and up!
**Orders received by 3:00pm JST ship on the same business day.
*** All prices include 10% Consumption Tax (CT).

NEW edelkrone Apparel CAP

edelkrone Cap

This unique 7-panel cap is designed to complete your everyday style. Made from 100% cotton, edelkrone Cap has an adjustable strap with a metal buckle, metal eyelet vents, and a padded sweatband which makes it much more comfortable than any other cap.

edelkrone Cap is available in Black and Orange colors and available to order here.

Introducing: Power Module

Power up your entire edelkrone setup with a single, long-lasting battery by splitting a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery output into four separate DC jacks. Power Module reduces battery and charger maintenance by dramatically decreasing the number of standard battery swaps. Thanks to the high power capacity of V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries, you can shoot longer and achieve uninterrupted productions. You can now easily power each edelkrone motion control combination, such as JibONE, Pan PRO, and HeadPLUS, by a single power source.

Keypose Mode

The simplest way to program your motions is the Keypose Mode. After deciding your pose, press and hold any of the keypose buttons to save that pose. Both the edelkrone App and the Controller allow you to save more than 2 poses for easy recall. Simultaneously pressing 2 keypose buttons puts the system in a loop between both poses. It’s that simple!

Keypose Mode is available for all edelkrone motion control products.