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PhoneGRIP 3D
PhoneGRIP 3D
3D printable phone holder for smart phones and edelkrone Controller that easily attaches to numerous tripod legs or 1/4" mounting screws. Works great with all Ortak products.
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Creative features in one package
PhoneGRIP 3D is an easy-to-use, 3D printable phone holder that instantly attaches to tripod legs or any 1/4" mounting screw.
PhoneGRIP 3D includes both 3D printable & manufactured parts that make it compatible with 35 mm to 90 mm-sized devices. You can also attach your edelkrone Controller to it!
Cleverly designed anti-slip hook and loop system make it easy to attach your device the safest and easiest way possible. We recommend using PhoneGRIP with objects that have a diameter between 25-42 mm.
NO BUTTONS, NO KNOBS, NO LOCKS. The joints on PhoneGRIP 3D use edelkrone's one-of-a-kind constant friction technology giving it extraordinary flexibility.
PhoneGRIP 3D Create Your Own ORTAK Ecosystem. PhoneGRIP 3D works great with the rest of ORTAK products such as FlexTILT Head 3D and Skater 3D.
Whether you use your phone as a controller or filming tool, PhoneGRIP 3D also works great with edelkrone StandONE, edelkrone Monitor/EVF Holder, and third party magic arms, tripod heads, and more.
A perfect Ortak for your edelkrone
a perfect Ortak for your edelkrone