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Ultra-flexible & self-standing positioning solution for smartphones, edelkrone Controller, SSDs, and powerbanks. PhoneGRIP is the perfect companion product from and for edelkrone Essentials.
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Watch Video PhoneGRIP
Grip Anything!
PhoneGRIP is the new essential for modern videographers & content creators. The robust CNC machined aluminum construction is strong & sturdy, securing your smartphone in place as you're filming.
Don't let the name fool you, PhoneGRIP is able to hold more than a smartphone. You can also attach an edelkrone Controller, powerbank, or SSD to your edelkrone setup depending on your needs.
Mount Anywhere!
PhoneGRIP's capabilities shine when paired with popular edelkrone products. You can mount PhoneGRIP to the half cage of PocketRIG with a cold shoe port to keep your smartphone or other small devices on hand.
Utilizing the 1/4" mounting port, connect PhoneGRIP to edelkrone FlexTILT Head which will allow you to film with your smartphone while mounted on edelkrone sliders, dollies, jibs, and motorized heads. PhoneGRIP may also connect to any other accessories or gear that have a compatible mounting port.
Use Everywhere!
PhoneGRIP comes with a flexible stand modeled after FlexTILT Head's revolutionary design. You can position PhoneGRIP to find the perfect angle and center of gravity without the need to tighten any knobs.
PhoneGRIP allows for vertical and horizontal use and raises your smartphone up to 6 in (10 cm) on any flat surface. This makes it the perfect option to film content on the go, participate in live streams, or join online meetings.
Motion control meets mobile creativity.
Motion control meets mobile creativity.