HeadPLUS v2

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  • HeadPLUS is a highly capable and user-friendly camera head that offers a unique combination of manual and motorized motion.
  • It is the simplest camera head to use and can be programmed by demonstrating the desired movement, making it the fastest programmable camera pan/tilt head on the market.
  • HeadPLUS also communicates with other edelkrone sliders and can track stationary targets while sliding.
  • It is super silent, smooth, and smart, App controlled and has several amazing add-ons such as the laser module, vision module, and focus/zoom module.
  • With the vision module, HeadPLUS can recognize faces and automatically track them.
  • HeadPLUS is the most affordable motorized camera head compared to its features, with an easy-to-enter low price barrier and infinite expandability, making it a great choice for filmmakers who think ahead and think long-term.

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