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Steven F.
United States

Waaay better than the app

Very well made and great design

Semih M.
Australia Australia

Amazing quality, great support team.

We have purchased this product a few months ago and it have had some great use out of it. The build quality is amazing, and it works really well. It has definitely boosted our production value and it is worth purchasing. What is even better is the team behind Edelkrone, Gokcen and the support team have been amazing. Very prompt in their responses and keen to resolve the issues that we had presented. Great company which we would definitely purchase from again.

A I.
Singapore Singapore

Quality Product

Product is made of metal and is a quality product

ben d.
United States United States

Whole new level!

I'm really impressed by the user friendliness of the key poses and controller! Love my slider and head v2!

Kelly K.
United States United States

Well Built But Fundamentally Missing Ease of Use

Either this remote is missing some key features, or there needs to be a much better explanation of how this device works. We had to fall back to the phone control multiple times on a single shoot, because this didn't give us the full control we needed for video. Maybe this is more for stills? I think this unit has been oversimplified at the expense of usability.

Jose C.
United States United States

Cheap construction

Cheap design and construction. The material outside is nice as usually found in edelkrone products, but the buttons inside are hold by pieces of an elastic rubber material that is not evenly applied to all the buttons, several buttons make a click when they are pressed and others just do not make any noise, you do not feel anything in your finger, so when they are pressed you don't know if they were enough pressed or you have to press harder. Nice outside, horrible inside. edelkrone, you are loosing it.

Eric S.
United States United States

Rugged and useful, but lacks key feature of app

The controller is small but rugged and connects nearly instantly. Small learning curve, but the big downside is it does not offer true easing like in the app.

Otto S.
United States United States


Very nice product with one exception. Would be good to have a set screw on the back to hold the battery cover on instead of magnetic as the first time out the cover fell off. Customer service is great as they sent out a new one at no charge. Premium product worth the money and great customer service.

A edelkrone Customer
Hemant P.
United States United States

It Works Great

It Works Great, Spend some time to understand this little perie of craft and you will be amazed how great it is… Love it.

A edelkrone Customer
Deanne H.
Australia Australia

Beautiful quality

Easy to use, the quality is amazing and love the magnetic battery cover

Cullen T.
United States United States

It's Very Useful

This controller is very good to have, but it's lack of some of the features in the app leaves a little more to be desired. I personally would love to see sequencing brought to the controller, since we are given three keyposes, the ability to move through all three would be a lifesaver. Other than that, I can see myself using this in place of the app for many occasions.

Dragan R.
United States United States

Great accessory

Works Great, I wasn't sure if I would use it as much when I bought it. However, it is so convenient that I have it in my pocket all the time. Setting up positions is so easy that I feel twice as productive as before. Battery does not last to long, just plan to have few spares in the camera bag.

edelkrone edelkrone Controller Review
Charles J.
United States United States


great for quick control settings

Alvin C.
Canada Canada

Great Product

edelkrone is the products that I always trust, and their support in respond is quick. Keep up the good work.

Robb J.
United States United States

edelkrone Controller

I love and trust ALL things edelkrone, but I must admit, I was a little skeptical when I saw how simple this remote looked. I couldn’t imagine it doing everything I’ve come to expect the phone app to do...but as an added investment of over $100 I needed it to! And boy was I pleasantly surprised! It not only allowed me to free up my phone, but I actually prefer using the remote over the app now that I’ve gotten used to it. Of course it doesn’t work on the older gear that relied on the SliderPlus app (like the Head Module and the Slide Module V1 for instance), but it seems that the edelkrone way is evolving towards one ecosystem and the edelkrone app and products anyway...just glad they’re willing and able to help us get to that mountain top of geartopia. This addition to you kit comes highly recommended from someone who uses this commercially. Stay well...and creative.

edelkrone edelkrone Controller Review
Jason C.
United States United States

Amazing! Must-have for latest slider

Works very well and is extremely high quality. Can easily set repeating slider patterns. The only downside is that you can’t control two sliders with the same remote.

Matthew D.
Canada Canada

Truly remote controller ...

Well, it does what iPhone couldn't ... It controls HeadOne remotely from a distance of several meters, while pairing with iPhone is dying much closer in comparison. I really like app's interface and functionality, but this setup didn't work reliably in my application. Secondly, Edelkrone Controller is build like a tank with CNC machined enclosure and equipped with rigid, responsive buttons. Truly professional quality ...

Jim K.
Canada Canada


Quality built unit and most importantly.. just works

A edelkrone Customer
Frances A.
Australia Australia

Edelkrone Controller

Excellent! Very helpful enthusiastic people to deal with and as always with Edelkrone products the quality is sensational:)

Leonid K.
United States United States

Great remote!

Amazing build and functionality. If you don't want to use the app this remote is quite capable. I only wish it had 360 panorama function too...

The simplest & fastest way to control your edelkrone wirelessly. A dedicated controller to use any system without edelkrone App.
Watch Video
Watch Video edelkrone Controller
Control any system
82 ft (25 m) range
Pocket sized
Instant wireless pairing
4.5 hrs battery life (non-stop use)
CNC machined aluminum
Firmware update ready
Works with x2 AAA batteries
Wrist strap included
Whole edelkrone ecosystem at your finger tips
Compatible with all motorized edelkrone sliders, jibs, heads and dollies, edelkrone Controller allows you to easily control any combination of these devices.
Information screen
Navigation pad
Select button
Keypose buttons
edelkrone Controller User Manual
ON / OFF button
Menu button
Link port
Precisely control every aspect
You can use the navigation pad to adjust speed, acceleration and any axis of your edelkrone including slide, swing, pan, tilt, and focus.
Setting the desired motion is ultra simple
After adjusting the pose with the navigation pad, press & hold any of the key pose buttons to save that pose. edelkrone Controller allows you to save up to 3 poses for easy recall. Simultaneously pressing two key pose buttons puts the system in a loop between those saved poses. It’s that simple!
Most intuitive if you have a system with hand-control ability
If you have edelkrone products with hand-control ability such as SliderPLUS, JibONE, and HeadPLUS, you can adjust your poses without using the navigation pad. This gives an unprecedented efficiency to your workflow, and makes the whole process much more intuitive. Just point, set, and shoot!
Super easy time-lapse programming
Simply enter the desired duration, shutter speed, and interval. Then select two key poses for the start and end poses. That’s it! For advanced features, such as dynamic intervals, we recommend using the edelkrone App.
Gesture Control Mode is ready!
Gesture Control Mode is finally here and it lets you move your edelkrone setup with your hand gestures without physical contact. You can now control pan, tilt, swing, or slide movements of your JibONE, HeadONE, HeadPLUS, SliderPLUS, and SliderONE, DollyONE, DollyPLUS this way and enter a new era of remote controlling with the latest update! Focus controls are not supported in gesture mode.
Built to last like all edelkrone products
edelkrone Controller is made of CNC machined aluminum for lifetime durability while remaining as light as a smartphone and small enough to fit in your pocket.
Fully Wired Connection Option
Controller for edelkrone Moco works seamlessly with Wired Signal Hub for edelkrone Moco (sold separately) to provide a fully wired connection to your edelkrone motion control systems. This is perfect for environments with high wireless interference, ensuring a stable connection between your edelkrone controller and devices.
Cables are not provided with Controller for edelkrone Moco.
The total cable length for edelkrone setups with Controller for edelkrone Moco has been tested up to 131 ft (40 m) and works with standard 3.5 mm audio cables of your choice.