Educational Discount

With your academic email address, you may receive the edelkrone of your dreams for 5% less. No time limit. No need to wait for approval. Just like that.
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How do I apply?
Simply create an account using your academic email address. Your 5% discount will be automatically applied to eligible products and reflected in your cart when logged into your edelkrone account.
Which products are eligible?
All edelkrone products excluding accessories, companion products, and bags.
Can we receive a better deal if we buy wholesale for our school?
Kindly contact us at with the products of interest and desired quantity. We will evaluate your request and provide you with the best possible discount.
Can I combine my educational discount with limited-time offers or other special sales?
No. However, if the educational discount is greater than the current sale, the educational discount will supersede the sale price at checkout, ensuring that the greatest possible discount is applied.
What if I sign up with my academic email address and the 5% discount does not apply?
Please reach out to our support team at with your academic email address and a screenshot of your cart. A member of our team will be happy to assist you.